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Bonobo Reader is a desktop application for reading any kind of information. It was designed for downloading RSS Feeds, but reader became more general. It is modular, so you may be able to use any kind of provider (Twitter and IRC are planned or you can write your own).


Actually there are no releases because the project is still in development. Stay tuned...


  • Extensible
    • dynamically loads dll files from Plugin directory
    • simple API for creating Item Providers
    • extensions can dynamically create item commands and menu commands, including graphical interface
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Great potential with item providers

Item Providers and Plugins


  • Filtering and tag support
  • Listing
  • Full integration with Feeds Item Provider
    • complete support of Windows Feeds API
  • Twitter Provider
  • IRC integration
    • integration with Bonobo IRC Library (still in development)
    • channels as items
    • simple client for communication


Bonobo Reader is written in C# using .NET Framework 3.5 with Windows Presentation Foundation. Feeds Item Provider uses Microsoft RSS Platform.


  • providers can add custom graphical interface into reader

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